Month: January 2016

Life’s Journey

If anyone told me the healing centers would not be open today, disbelieve would be my facial expression along with words to emphasize the body language. My voice which I diligently exercised and developed had been awarded the highest medal at a State contest, plus my dancing skills come from before I can remember. Serious big money is involved when people decide to follow such path. Celine, Cher, Dolly Parton, just to name a few, have demonstrated such reality.

I wanted to use those skills to collect the money and then make a difference by setting up a community to permanently house families, single men, and single women who had become homeless. In 1988, with twenty two thousand dollars of my hard earned money, I decided to investigate what would it take to make such a project successful. Therefore, I took to the streets to learn first hand what exactly would be needed. It was a three and a half year journey and the exercise permanently changed the way I conduct my life.

On Sunday April 14 of 1991, I gave a performance which demonstrated my abilities to capture and hold the audience for that hour’s timeframe. Magic crackled in the air long into the wee hours of the night. It was at Van Gough’s Coffee Bedlam, a little coffee shop in Venice Beach California where the performance was held. The performance gave me the producer which was going to begin the snowball rolling down the mountainside’s terrain, only in September of that year another gift was given to me and I decided to put the project on hold until my son was a little older.

When a gift from the Etherical World manifests, my experience says honor such moment and say thank you. Always, always, always such honor and respect will be rewarded with time. My son is now twenty three years old and quite frankly both of us scratch our heads as to why the centers aren’t open today. In the past, every time I began the movement of collecting money to open the healing centers, something tragically happened and the project would go on hold.

This year though, everything in my body tells me, this is the year of change, the year we-the-people will rise up and stand proud to be part of our society. Because what I learned twenty eight years ago, we-the-people are the caregivers of humanitiy’s reality, not the political machine which misappropriates over eighty percent of our taxes collected. Each citizen I’ve encountered over the years, knows a better way can be done. I have been left breathless by the love demonstrated by the “average” citizen and the tears streaming down my face were tears of great joy and love to my fellow citizen for without them the gift of Love would never have been given.

A complex situation occurs when a person becomes homeless, society gives the message that you are NOT worthy of being sheltered and only the strong ever overcome such tradegy. In order for a person to completely mature and accumulate to their environment, they MUST bond with society as a whole. At round about late teens and early twenties a person leaves their safety of childhood and enter the world of adulthood. Being raised in a foster home environment, the skills to bond have been so severely damaged statistics claim only eleven percent actually have any skills of accomplishing the task of bonding with their society.

The other eighty nine percent become drug addicts, suicidal, and or homicidal with very few ever making it into their forties. Ever too many end up being part of the legal system, either in prison or on parole. For sure, they can’t even imagine just how valuable they can be to our society, their souls damaged to unrecognizable dimensions.

With that knowledge firmly imprinted, it became very clear to me one of the healing structures needed to be implemented was a community where one third of its populace has been homeless at one time or another and their need to heal was so great that “Yes” we buy into the community. A signing of legal documents where each person agrees that work and time to the community is their payment towards their permanent home. A community, not just a house, will be offered to each individual willing to participate.

The community is more of a university than just a “normal” town because education, religions, and cultural ways are being respected above all other practices. It is a 24 hour busy area where if you want to eat at a restaurant, get your vehicle worked on, make a film, maintain environments for fish breeding, have someone care your little one as you work…etc: it is available.

For one of the biggest reasons people have trouble getting money for homes is the work schedule does NOT fit their body need’s and if more flexible schedules are available then success would be greatly enhanced. Meaning once a person walks outside their safe home and joins the community anywhere “work” has begun. This is where the other two thirds of the populace NEEDS to be the example, the stable core to the whole community. Those two thirds maintain the schedule which keeps every department open twenty four hours in that day, and helps weather any human storms a brewing in the brain.

Careful study of communities have shown under five hundred populace and crimes are at a minimum, domestic disputes, borrowings for over gracious amounts of time, or petty crimes are what occurs. Whereas, over five hundred people and then rapes, grand theft, and murders become an intimate part of that Societys’ structure. Therefore, no more than three hundred people for the main populace can be and a remaining one hundred and fifty people will be students attending the university or getting treatment for health conditions.

In nineteen ninety one, my nephew Orvil and I made a little scale model of the nuclei of the center. In it the kitchen, herbal processing, library, stage, and large pool was located. The most significant part of the whole center is the pool: it features a twenty foot waterfall plus several different temperature pools so the ‘healer’ can be aided by the action of water. I chanced upon a technique where client and massage therapist benefitted by using water as the medium rather than my table or chair most often used in therapy sessions.

If I had such a center right now, basically I’d be in the water most of the day. The body prefers the water because it helps the cell to be more in the round rather than having gravity’s pull upon its cellular structure. Many cancer patients called me up after their chemo treatment so they could have two hours of sacred healing in the hot tub.

Each hot tub place I utilized, had a shower, sauna, and a place to lay down. About an hour into our sessions the deepest healing sleep occurs and when they awoke, it was almost as if a new lease on life had occurred. Being their therapist, I was granted some of the greatest lessons in life regarding the strength of a human soul. Words only tell but a snippet of the honor I felt being part of such a sacred scene.

In the center, not only is water used but colors from lights radiating into the water plus a sound system which plays the DNA sequence taped by a scientist studying the DNA cycle. First they got the light of the DNA and then several octives later a sound is reproduced. It might take a little digging to find the tape again but since once I did have it, have it once more I can. It was a very valuable tool to utilize.

Depending on the location, the terrain, exactly where the living quarters will be located, the mechanic shop, restaurant, garden, studio for artistic endeavors (including film) fish breeding, day care center, laundry room… Etc. Some people love dorm rooms, it feels more like a home than an actual house. Some people love huge spaces and large houses to feel at home, and then some people don’t even want to see their neighbors’ houses, so basically summarizing, until the body of the whole gathers, it will be the collective mind of the group which will determine exactly how the center will be built.

Right at this present time, I am on the Stanford campus and over the past one hundred and twenty years this great institute has developed into a space which has positively touched millions of people’s life. I don’t think even the founder could have seen the growth and how it has matured into the grand University it has become. Mrs Stanford had a dream…

Since the stability of the community rely upon the core two hundred people, their preference of location is crucial. Medical professionals, mechanics, teachers, lawyers, electronic engineers, waitresses, day care providers, gardeners, farmers,…etc will be the ones deciding the basic by laws which will keep harmony a much easier experience to live by. As the one hundred people begin to heal, depending on their comfort zone they can be very active in community planning or never need they be part of the whole process, for sure, their housing will NOT ever be threatened again.

It will be the responsibility of the core group to maintain the safe and stable environment. Therefore, anyone choosing to be part of this project, understands, yes, each person is very important to the whole, and the whole can never be stable without diligently maintaining highest standards of integrity. Yet, in those three and a half years investigating this idea, I have come across several thousand people willing to participate in such of a life style. I believe twenty sixteen is the year to see such manifestation arise (dear God let it be so because I have seen a lot of friends perish waiting for this moment to happen).

The more land the better of course, take Disneyland for instance, when it was first developed the planner’s idea didn’t imagine how quickly the boundary lines confined their reality. Henceforth, when Disney World begat, oh yeah, a lot of land was available for expansion.