Month: March 2016

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

IMG_20160306_151025The thing I like about being in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Park. I fell in love with the whole park back in 1994, when I first came to San Francisco. It is 52 blocks long and 9 blocks wide, full of planets that almost seem out of this world. When I first came, the foliage was amazing. Our forefathers understood the basic plant dynamics, where one plant feeds the other plant thereby making sure the system of the big trees will always be fed appropriately. These days though, because of the corruption of banks and the whole capitalistic society, (we must protect the banking system above all else) most of the foliage or brush has been destroyed thereby, the big trees are slowly dieing and becoming diseased.


As the corruption continued without any forecast of the societal storm abaiting, the homeless situation became more prevalent and the ground keepers watching over the park focused their energies on getting the people out of the bush, so they chopped down most of the foliage and overwatered the soil. Thereby making for the balance of life to begat the death cycle rather than a luscious cycle of life that our forefathers set up in the beginning of Golden Gate Park. In the past ten years because of the bush removal, dozens and dozens of beautiful over hundred old trees have left the park never to return.
That is the eastern view of Hippy Hill at the beginning of the park, where from 1994 until 2001, my son and I did the drum circle. Back then there were at least a dozen more trees to add shade, food for the squirrels, and the general ambiance of the park.


It broke my heart to see another large magnificant Being succumb to the cruelty of our society. My brother and I had an arguement about the language of trees back in 2006. I claimed when you cut down ‘old growth’, then you are cutting out the wisdom from the elder trees, thusly creating for the new saplings NOT to have the formulas which will keep the different diseases from destroying an entire forest.
“What? Are you saying trees talk?” my brother said with his eyebrows raised, and a look of total disbelieve on his face.
“I never said they speak the English language, that’s crazy to think that! Yet, yes they do communicate, on a chemical level, a language far more pure than ours.” I boldly responded.


We parted with him still spinning at my bold and brave statement. Since that time, several articles have come out giving further truth to my statement that an entire forest is ‘linked up’ through a subtle root system process. Each plant adding to the dynamics of the health of the system. {Just to give an insight to a complex chemical process needed to have a healthy forest}.

On the lighter side: midway up the huge tree lay a honey hive, full of sweet honey from heaven!!!


Within an hour after the honey call was sent out, a hundred or more people experienced a treat only nature can provide. Several people commented on the fact we felt like bears coming across a rare honey treat up in the tree. If you note the picture, his finger has honey beginning to drip off his thumb, the entire comb was double thick, double delicious.


These words can’t even express the taste, NOBODY left that Sunday not knowing one of the rarest experiences just unfolded. A good dozen people left with about a pound of honey in a container of some sort.
Of all the Sundays to be at Golden Gate Park and experience such an event, one knew this March 6th of 2016, was the moment to be there.


It superceded what the Japenese Tea Garden had to offer, and this was free. To go into the Japenese Tea Garden, a twenty dollar bill best be handy. Whereas, the fallen tree was free, any person walking by got the treat, the honey dripping experience only a few dozen people experienced.

Over the hill, and past the tennis courts lay another treasure, the arbortieum, where many a wedding pictures have occurred.Each moment entwining the memory of Golden Gate Park as one of the strolls each Sunday to be looked forward to.


I dare say each bush, each tree, each plant our forfathers planted to make the cycle of life an aspect generation after generation can relish in at Golden Gate Park needs to be honored above the bottom line on a budget report, which theses days is coveted above all else.