Responses to Murdering Minds of Marin


It is Friday February 5, 2016

Once again, the health of Americans’ are overlooked. Zero appointment has been made!

I must go do life and waiting for the American Medical Associations’ (trained drug-pushing, slicing and dicing, putting foreign objects in the body) personnel will cease to be. In fact, from this moment on, zero of the hard earned dollars of We-The-People (medical) will ever be given to another ‘doctor’. Instead I shall use TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which means I have to somehow come up with my own money. Before the insurance companies took over health care of Americans, such medicine was allowed to be by those who know if you want a cure, it is that venue where your chances of survival mock Western medicines percentages and more likely even if you are one step away from death, the over 4,ooo year old formulas of TCM will save your life.

TCM does save lives, doing a little investagation on your own will leave your eyes wide open!

So Odette, continue on doing your meetings, drop the ball, and when a few of your patrons at Stanford get the worst case of flu they could ever imagine, and that congestion in the sinsuses/chest just never goes away, arthritis warps the bones, and that new fatty substance lodges itself in the cracks of the brain… you had a chance to make a difference! Yes, I’ve been all over campus breathing, coughing just doing life on a daily basis…

Oh by the way, is it normal for the hospital to have code red stroke code on a daily and sometimes three times in a day? Is that normal? Because when I first arrived, didn’t hear such action, then about a week in my stay, hmmm, code red, code red became a regular intercom announcement.

It would be completely different if I went to a butcher, or baker, or candlestick maker and said, ‘here’s some samples you NEED to look at’, to be blown off would be correct. I would say good luck in life, but it takes more than luck to be righteous, and ooooh Karma has a way of giving you what you give it.



It is now 5:45 Wednesday and though I was told an appointment to a neurologist would be given today, no phone call has come to my phone. This is typical of the care given by our medical professionals! Truly after several hundred thousand dollars spent by we-the-people for health coverage, this is the best that America has to offer? We need to take action and make our health providers stand accountable for their gross neglience given.


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I work just received some samples in the mail today. Dr. Harris only comes to clinic when she has patients. What would you like me to do with these?


Renee Renteria
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RESPONSE:  (tuesday, february 2,21016)

At the present time, 4:35 pm I am writing to let everyone know the neuroscience department has contacted me and tomorrow an appointment will be set up. The samples I delivered, I am slightly NOT knowing exactly what will become of them, the appointment will give greater clarity. This is the first time in over six YEARS something has been done other than refer me to the mental health clinic to repeatedly be told nothing was wrong.

I promise to be as through as possible,with truth and righteousness being the highest aim.