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How does my life effect yours?

Atherosclerosis defined in the medical journals is the primary cause of stroke or heartache, a condition needing immediate medical care! Not for Marin General Hospital, Marin Mental Health Clinic, Point Reyes Clinic, SFSU Medical Center, Novato Community Hospital, Ritter Center, or Corpus Christi Medical Center, instead their treatment for such a condition is continued referral to a mental health clinic and state repeatedly to the patient’s family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors that a near death experiences is a delusional disorder.
There has been well over a hundred thousand dollars worth of tests charged to we-the-peoples’ health insurance plan (Medical): tests showing high white blood count (monocytes, neutrophils) low RBC, low hemocrit, high lipase, fluid in the left mastoid air cells, COPD, hemoglobin in Urinalyses/microscope, cardiac tests showing disturbances; after all of these results still the patient is sent home with the primary physcian’s referral to the mental health clinic. A pretend head infection is all a poor person could ever get.
Emergency ward visit, after emergency ward visit my son and I have been security escorted out of the facility, being referred back to the primary physician who then sets up an appointment with the mental health clinic. Not once, since December 3, 2009, where a CT depicted atherosclerosis, has it been treated.
Instead the head infection, (which came from a 7″ x 3.5″ submarine sandwich refrigerator) is being ignored. Underneath the false bottom of the unit lay over a foot of decaying food debris. It took me over six hours, while working at Safeway in September of 2009, to clean that lethal food matter and the Christcoles, a couple of co-workers, my nephew, a roommate, and several other individuals have never been the same.
There was nearly six inches of black thick mucussy material, another 4 – 5 inches of that same material plus more solid food matter within the substance, and the remaining inches the actual different food was still recognizable. Turkey, ham, roast beef, tuna salad, chicken salad, pastrami, salami, grilled chicken, assorted vegetables, plus cheeses such as american, provolone, pepper jack, marinated mozzarella, swiss, havarti, and several salad dressings were part of the slimey mucussy lethal matter.
Each food material has its own unique pathogen which will breakdown its host into soil ready substance. Therefore, when on December 3, 2009 entering Marin General Hospital and relating that information to Arthur C Cohn that I have a multi-organism mucual infection that is killing me, he listened, took a CT scan and then sent me home. The CT showed bilateral carotid calcification, consistent with atherosclerosis, so when the following day going back to the hospital describing in detail my near death experience, along with severe memory loss (it took a day to remember my mother, three days to remember my four brothers and two sisters-near total loss of my childhood years) , I had to learn how to read, write again, and still today my math skills are at an elementary level. I once did calculus while studying electronics at Wadena Vocational Institute (now called Wadena Community College) for two years.
The thing I love today is how accessible knowledge is at a finger tip’s moments notice. Going to the world wide web and looking up the test results, that have been ignored by the latter medical institutes, the results are: (main source, http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article) High WBC of monocytes, neutophils could equal myelocyctic leukemia, leukemia, rheumatical arthritis, parasitic infection, or viral infection; high lipase means the pancreas is being harmed in some form; high glucose could mean overactive thyroid gland, pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, stroke, heart attack, acromegaly, or glucagonoma; low RBC could mean bone marrow failure, deficiency of hormone erythropoietin, leukemia, bone marrow cancer; low hematocrit could mean anemia, destruction of red blood cells, leukemia, or malnutrition; hemoglobin in the urine could mean kidney disease, blood disorder, or another underlying medical condition such as bladder cancer; COPD is a progressive disease making it hard to breathe; fluid in the mastoid air cells needs a neurologist to understand what was written.

How does all of this effect you?

In August 2, 2012, after getting a phone call mother was on death watch, I took Amtrak (two days on the train) from Oakland CA to Fort Worth TX and then traveled from the Dallas vicinity to Corpus Christ, from there to Austin and didn’t leave the area until one week before Thanksgiving. A big national newscasting went out WNV (west Nile virus), one of the worst cases in its state’s history, and the areas hit worst were Dallas vicinity, Corpus Christi, and Austin. You see, pathogens could care less about your financial status, nor your ethnicity, or even your religious beliefs all they care about is a warm host in which they can colonize in in order to be fruitful and multiply.
CDC has evidence of a rare robust monophyletic clustering that came under their scopes as of 2010, similar to the one in 2012. Normally, since the study of WNV in 1999, 1 to 5 pathogens are present but as of 2010-2012 over 17 different pathogens are present in which the body must fight off. Yes anybody having this in their system knows medical attention is a NEEDED MUST.
It’s taken me over six years to function well enough to hopefully get help this time around. Whereas Stanley Little’s widow watched her husband suffer two long years before he perished from the treatment Marin Community renders unto their financially challenged individuals who receive medical. He, Stanley Little, had been diagnosed with encephalitis as a child. Lu Ann Sweeney and her professional cohorts, did the same to him as they did to me, “Your head infection will go away as soon as you stop believing you have one. Really it is NOT very polite pretending you have one.” and they literally laughed in my face because I am such an actoress!
A few individuals, whom were in contact with my son and I, have traveled to India, the British Isles, and New Zealand. Henceforth, why they have been notified. The lethal neglectful professionals are betting on the fact a poor person in America has no voice.
On my Facebook (Cynthia Christcole), the medical records have been posted. It is time to stop hiding behind the HIPPA act. If you choose to contact me by phone my number is 415-510-1002. My brain still doesn’t like phones, I get some serious headaches after having the receiver to my ear for any length of time- so please be patient. My email cynthiachristcole@mail.com, that form of communication suits me quite nicely.

Serious as a stroke,
Cynthia Christcole
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Dear US Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch,
In order for you to reach such heights of position in our society, many sacrifices and long sleepless nights would have tried to prevent you from achieving your goal. I can only image what courage and determination it would take to obtain the job you now hold. Congratulations on your brilliant success.
The last six years of my son and Is’ life is needing to be brought to your attention. Our first amendment has been grossly violated, plus ignoring a life threatening and crippling disease has had me bedridden for nearly six years. On December third of two thousand and nine Marin General Hospital released me from their emergency ward so I could have my first of seven strokes in six years. According to Arthur C. Cohn, bilateral carotid calcification, consistent with atherosclerosis, is nothing to worry about and referring me to the mental health clinic was his course of action ever since that fateful day. CDC, Stanford, the Mayo Clinic and all other medical institutes state that such a condition is a precursor to a stroke and immediate neurological care should be administered.
Since attachments will be deleted by your office, on my Facebook, you will find my medical records to verify the reality of what my son and I must live through.
It has been years since I’ve practiced Christianity, round about in my early thirties, becoming a pagan suited my spiritual growth because paganism did NOT girdle God with human prejudices as I had been taught as a young child. Instead, being pagan embraced the concept of doing life to such a level that to call upon Thee Creator/s and have the deities manifest is our highest goal. The DHS (department of human services) knows that my first amendment rights will be violated because knowing the Etherical World makes you automatically crazy, and me stating that on December third of two thousand and nine, I had a near death experience with the Etherical Beings bringing me back, only proves their point.
When my son and I moved to Marin county in two thousand and nine, he was one hundred and eighty some pounds (his football coach had him as a running back because of his muscle and strength). Six years later, with Marin’s health care system, he barely can reach one hundred and thirty pounds, his brilliant white teeth are now dissolving, along with the rest of his bones, and every time he brushes his hair, the loss of it is alarming. He once had beautiful eyelashes women envied! The constant ache within his abdomen has him NOT working for almost three years.
Had I gone to our family physician, Kevin Jackson MD, in Harrison Arkansas and told him quite plainly, “I have this head infection which is killing me, please help me!”, he would have done an entirely different course of treatment. Several times the suggestion of calling him and confirming our family health history had also been disregarded.
How scandalous the medical professionals are in Marin, they could care less how many people will be effected. Encephalitis is a contagious disease which needs to be handled immediately! Instead while taking a train to Fort Worth Texas in August of two thousand and twelve a whole train full of people had the CDC hopping with activity trying to solve this new rare WNV ( west nile virus) which began getting their attention in two thousand and ten when my son and I traveled to Texas on the greyhound to visit my gravely ill mother.
Most train travelers have a higher income than bus travelers so in twenty ten only a slight hollar was let out to the public awareness, whereas in twenty twelve the whole nation had been alerted to the lethal life threatening disease and news stories will state how many deaths occurred during my stay in Texas. Corpus Christi could have changed the full scene but across the nation health care for the financially challenged (health insurance from a state or federal program) leaves the patient wishing our human rights and first amendments would be honored instead of deliberately ignored.
Several other people have been notified of my action and even have greater detail as to the behavior beholded unto the Christcoles.
Could you please help us with this matter? Because, quite frankly the professionals of Marin know lethal conduct will be ignored as it has been in the past and with your attention a new way can be implemented. In fact looking at social security papers deliberate deception is part of their pattern, note dates, I saw Nicole Livingston for the first time 11/09/09 yet paperwork to the social security offices claim 09/07 was when I first was being treated for my claimed disillusional head disorder. In 2007, Theo and I were living in Arkansas, and had our family physician Kevin T Jackson MD part of this scenerio, he would have done an entirely different course of action. Nobody would have suffered like we have been forced to suffer all these long years.

Grateully yours,
Cynthia Christcole- lover of the Etherical World

Dear Vice President Joseph T Biden Jr,
After learning about your loss of your wife and daughter plus being by your sons’ beds supporting their recovery AND still doing your civil duty, your constitution is amazing! The next few paragraphs written will be the most important sentences I have ever composed. It will mean the recovery of my son or the death of him which has slowly been transpiring for the past six years.
A group of professionals in Marin County California has conspired to keep lethal knowledge from reaching the light of day- they know they will never stand accountable for their actions. In October of 2009, Theo’s abdomen was so painful and swollen he was the first to go to the emergency ward at Marin General Hospital regarding the infection I got while cleaning a neglected refrigerator unit with over a foot of food debris that is seven feet long by three and a half feet wide, whilst working at Safeway late August of 2009. I told the physicians then I thought I had a multi-organism mucual infection. Then I went to the department of human services to get help paying for the expensive emergency ward visit. From those moments on, at all times zero person took my words for any value and as the medical records will show the disease went from a small snotball, {the CT scan of 2009 verifies exactly where I said it was}, to invading my entire body and it is consuming my son and I alive.
Since contacting you via email and any attachments will be deleted, I have the pertinent medical and other documents relavent to this case on my Facebook account-Cynthia Christcole. Also since we have been suffering for so long, I am making sure sweeping this story under the rug, will NOT occurr, therefore contacting several newspapers has been included with my course of action. I simply want this terrorizing horrific story cease to be and have a happy full ending to my son’s life.
Larry Meredith became aware of encephalitis through the widow of Stanley Little, as with the Christcoles, he refused to uphold our rights to our first amendment rights and natural human rights to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of religious beliefs, or other cultural differences. Instead, by his example EVERY PERSON contacted regarding this concerning story knows “blowing us off” is the only course of action. In early February of 2012, I personally spoke to him and he had his secretary take care of the matter regarding Timothy Hutton’s action of NOT looking at pertinent medical records. Opinions matter far more than documented scientific records, so zero help came from that venue of life.
You must be an extremely busy man and the other emails in conjunction with your letter will no doubt be a daunting mass of worms to untangle, therefore all I ask is that will you please help save my son’s life and my neighbors’ too. Me, somehow Thee Lord of Life has saved mine seven times in six years and I have full faith when it is time for me to leave this earth, so it is time.

The loss of your son to brain cancer was almost too startling for me to bear. While reading the news, I almost lost consciousness because the reality of it was too harsh. I had to grab the table to remain standing up. I am so sorry for your loss!

Constitutionally correct,
Cynthia Christcole- veteran of the United States Airforce

Dearest Oprah,
I smile every time I hear your name. You have reached heighths rarely accomplished by a woman, much less a black woman, I hail your accomplishments.
You have been contacted regarding this story because your true nature is loving humankind. Your demonstration for years on the Oprah Show gives me that right to say: thank you for all the kindness broadcasted to millions, so hopefully your example does make a difference in peoples’ lives. Which has proven to go beyond the hope and into stories where the hope became the reality of a better existance on earth.
Could you please help Theo, my friends, and our neighbors? With you on board this case, hopefully a great change will occurr.

Forever yours,
Cynthia Christcole- mother to Theo

Dear Odette Harris, MD, M.P.H,
What exactly is this lethal multi-organism mucal infection? It has been delivered to you by hand on Monday February 1, 2016 via the front desk of the new Neuro Clinic on Stanford campus. There should be a similar sample in CDC as of August 2012, when I took a train from Oakland California to Fort Worth Texas. A big outcry occurred then in Dallas, Corpus Christi, and Austin Texas. My financial records will show I visited all three places.
According to Marin General Hospital on December 3, 2009, a CT scan, showing bilateral carotid calcification, consistent with atherosclerosis is the same as pretending one has a head infection. I was sent home so I could have a near death experience. Never has any institute in America addressed this life-threatening condition.
These people would also like to know what this mucal infection is:
John 619-838-9310
Lief 575-224-0839
Orvil 575-779-8804
Crystal 254-977-4190
Harry 971-235-4689
Theo 401-465-5652
Abi 415-524-6342
Several other individuals have been informed you have been delivered samples of this lethal multi-organism mucal infection. Please help us destroy this nasty infection.
After being in negative fifteen degrees farenheit for ten hours three days in a row, hopefully you have dead organism rather than contagious live ones.

Cynthia Christcole

CDC and WHO,
The source of the infection you have been examining since 2010 and arrived in Harris county Texas of 2012 has been delivered to Odette Harris, MD, M.PH at Stanford University.
In April or May of 2013, my brain was still so swollen, I called CDC and after over twenty minutes talking to a representative of your organization, aaaaah the old brush off was all I got! My phone records and yours would have exact day and how many minutes of conversation took place.
After such an experience, a change of how you actually respond to the public’s plea of help, hopefully will occur. You helped teach my son Theo just how lethal a group of doctors can be and how doctors cover for doctors. If any parent had been so calloused, the police would have been called, charges would have been brought to those guardians, and intervention would have occurred.
The unique character of this disease is that rarely have that many pathogens been bred and raised in a refrigeration environment. For nearly a year, the refrigeration unit had not been touched so the organisms grew up undisturbed ready for that warm host so they could really begin their life’s business, I became that individual. Two co-workers were hospitalized for pneumonia, one co-worker never returned back to the work force because her health never rebounded, her doctor was my doctor’s supervisor. Bertrand Vandeville, same lethal health care provider as mine, diagnosed a two and half year old with mental illness, after we moved into their apartment complex, because such condition ran in the family. “Thank God he grew out of that tick.” claimed the grandmother four years after Max came down with encephalitis symptoms.
At 2501 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard a gross number of people have either pancreas cancer, lung disease, or some condition that inhibits full human capacity. That complex is deserving of a good look see, and I pray they get proper care.
May this infection be wiped from the face of this earth!

Cynthia Christcole

Katherine Harts,
It would have been such a difference in so many peoples’ lives, had you been a good Samaritan and actually helped me, when I came to you and shared some of my medical records demonstrating my truths, rather than the slanderous paperwork produced by Marin County’s various community services.
The day I couldn’t stand to look in your face was when several months after I began working for the food bank and your church, you had a memorial service for a friend who died of a stroke. In the kitchen, I repeated my plea of help and you touched my forearm and said in your polite condescending way, “I believe you!”, and then did nothing. The paper, Marin Independent Journal, shortly after had front page news about a Whooping cough outbreak [second time front news story-the first time was 2010], another indication encephalitis could be the cause of so many peoples’ illnesses within the church.
Therefore, you are included in this paperwork adventure, and this time A CHANGE WILL BE.
You give God a bad name.

Never yours,
Cynthia Christcole

Dear Harry,
Well the bomb of knowledge has been dropped. I say a change has been ripening for quite some time and we shall see it. Granted as you have pointed out, the way of our government is to hide full truths so lethal conduct can be overlooked, but there does come a time when enough people learn about full truths and change does occurr.
My friend, I do believe tis the time.

Glad to have met you,
Cynthia Christcole

Sierra Dugan,
From the moment I met you, until my sentencing experience, you purposely ignored the fact a group of people were conspiring to commit murder with extreme prejudice by ignoring a life threatening crippling disease. Plus you refused to look at my medical records bearing the evidence of the facts regarding Marin’s conduct in handling a person’s life. In fact, you could/would NOT contact our family physician in Arkansas, even though we (Kevin’s secretary and I), had spoken and all our records were made available for your access. His evidence would confirm I simply WOULD NEVER LIE about such a life threatening condition.
Your excuse for such deliberate neglect in defending my case in the fashion I requested was because I asked for a speedy trial, (instead of dragging the unjust behavior the peace officers rendered the day I was arrested, for months on end).
It is going to seem very odd when your effort to squash medical evidence from the jury’s right to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth, especially when officers had to take off work from damage done on that day. Didn’t one of the officers have to have surgery because of their gross conduct handling an American citizen? Of course when I asked that an MRI (they repeatedly banged my head on the cement) and my wrists needed to be x-rayed because they were broken, nah, you knew that was not a course of action you need to accomplish.
Being locked up for fifteen days would possibly mean never seeing mother again, and when I got better, I promised Theo, I will again address that fateful arresting day Marin Community continues to behave towards the financially challenged individuals of their county. He (Theophilus Marc Anthony Christcole) by the way was grossly insulted when no objection came from you when the prosecuting attorney implied he might lie while under oath.
Well about a year ago, the swelling in my head went down, and ever since that time, I have slowly regained many of the memories lost to me. Since I now have the stamina and brain capacity to actually see justice done, Sierra, yeah it is time to uncover the dirty way you treat veteran citizens of America. And you thought it would stay under the rug- never to see light of day.
How many deaths occurred in Texas in 2012? You need to be charged with aiding and abetting the conspiracy to commit murder with extreme prejudice along with all the others involving this case, when I was dismissed from Marin General Hospital on December 3, 2009.
Cynthia Christcole

emails sent to:
http://www.justice.gov/contact-us (Loretta E Lynch), GerardBaker@gerardtbaker (editor-in-chief, Wall Street Journal), JessBravin@JessBravin (Supreme Court Correspondent, Wall Street Journal), Davan.Maharaj@latimes.com, (editor, LA Times), Megan.Garvey@latimes.com (deputy managing editor, digital, LA Times), Julie.Westfall@latimes.com (editor), Christina.Bellantoni@latimes.com (assistant managing editor: politics), nytnews@nytimes.com, ctc-tribletter@tribune.com (chicago tribune), odette@stanford.edu, ADPolicy@cdc.gov, foodsafety@who.int (WHO), http://www.thetimes.co.uk/, ramkaran@newindianexpress.com (the indian express), harry@paxterra.org, sierra@sierraduganlaw.com, ABYAJAY@yahoo.com, webmaster@maringeneral.org (marin general hospital), Katherineharts@gmail.com, vpjosephtbidenjr-contact us form